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Sachin or Dravid? Numbers don’t lie!

A few weeks ago, Wisden India announced the findings of a survey that was ostensibly conducted on their official Facebook page, naming Rahul Dravid as India’s finest test batsman. To be sure, it was like a devastating bouncer that took the majority of cricket fans off guard. Even though I adore Dravid, I wasn’t totally persuaded by the decision. Was he really a better batsman than Sachin Tendulkar and Sunil Gavaskar? Since Rahul and Sachin played against the same bowlers throughout the same era, I made the decision to investigate their respective numbers. As they say, “Numbers don’t lie,” and these are some interesting numbers.

Both Sachin and Rahul have been fabulous players on the field and great role models off the field. They have tremendous mutual respect and have not missed a single opportunity to voice it.

Overview: Although Sachin played 329 test innings compared to Rahul’s 286 innings, he finished with a higher average (53.78 vs. 52.31) than Rahul. We’ll let you decide whether Rahul’s average would have been higher than Sachin’s if he had played an additional 43 innings. Sachin outscored Rahul in test hundreds and half-centuries, scoring 51 and 68 respectively. Clearly, Sachin was more adept than Rahul at turning half-hundreds into centuries. After establishing a few basic metrics, let’s delve deeper to gain a deeper comprehension of their performances.

Home and away games: It is well known that a batsman is evaluated based on how well he performs in both domestic and foreign settings. Great players are incredibly effective in foreign countries and strange environments. When it comes to away test matches, Sachin and Rahul both have higher averages than when they play at home. While Dravid averages 51.36 when playing in India and 53.03 when traveling, Sachin averages 54.75 when playing away and 52.67 when playing at home. Although there isn’t much to separate the two legends, Sachin is slightly superior.

Performances against the top bowling attacks: Let’s take a closer look and learn more about the statistics. We can all agree that from the middle of the 1990s until 2010, Australia, South Africa, and Pakistan were the top three bowling teams in the world. Achieving runs against them was a challenging task. When batsmen played well against these teams, they were showered with praise and gratitude. When playing against Australia and South Africa, Sachin outperformed Rahul, but when facing Pakistan, Tendulkar was surpassed by Dravid. In India’s match against Australia, Sachin averaged 55.00 while Rahul’s was 38.67. Dravid was a little more of a struggler against South Africa. He averaged 33.84 whereas Sachin averaged 42.46, demonstrating unequivocally that Australia and South Africa had strong bowling attacks did not deter Sachin from playing well consistently. But things were much better for Rahul when he played against Pakistan. He averaged 53.73 while Sachin’s 42.28 was his lowest average among all test playing nations. By dominating 2 of the 3 fearsome bowling attacks in the world of that time, Sachin scores over Dravid in this aspect too.

Sachin or Dravid

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