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Three Unbreakable Records Of AB de Villiers In World Cricket

The name Abraham Benjamin de Villiers is terrifying to opposing bowlers as well as resonating in the ears of his colleagues and admirers. The cricket player who appears to need five fielders beyond the 30-yard line. Modern cricket has never produced a genius who can play fantastic strokes with an endless range of shots all around the field, with the exception of AB de Villiers.

“Mr 360,” the cricket player who is barely skilled enough to torment the opposition with a few blows. When a cricket specialist says, “This game is only for humans, I want a DNA test for AB de Villiers,” he’s talking about a player who just plays his natural game, which ends up being nothing short of disastrous for the opposition.

For himself, his fans, and every team he has played for, AB de Villiers has been extraordinary. It’s impossible to put into words how “MR 360” used to bat, how the crowd felt when he came out in the middle, and—above all—how the bowler and the opposition side felt when he started his innings.

You know the batter is not human when someone with the skill set of Jasprit Bumarh gets smacked for big sixes. The idea that de Villiers lacked human DNA is ludicrous. He most definitely does, but he also possesses otherworldly flashes or powers.

The legendary South African cricket player declared his retirement from all forms of the sport on November 19. He stated that “at the age of 37, that spark no longer burns so brightly” in his declaration of retirement.

After watching him play cricket for so long, it’s hard to say goodbye, especially since there isn’t a farewell to him. The fact that our favorite legends are quitting the game without even receiving a fitting farewell is the thing that hurts the most.

As previously said, AB de Villiers was a monster whom the bowlers dreaded the most. The intimidating cricketer held various records that are unlikely to be beaten anytime soon until there is a second de Villiers or de Villiers himself in the centre of the field. This article will walk you through AB de Villiers’ top three unbreakable records.

Three AB de Villiers records that are unlikely to be broken anytime soon:

Fastest fifty, century and 150 in one-day international cricket

In One Day International cricket, AB de Villiers holds the marks for the quickest fifty, century, and 150. For someone who wants to shatter it, every single star in the sky must be perfectly aligned in your favour.

While it is quite unlikely that someone will break de Villiers’ records for fastest fifty, fastest hundred, or fastest 150 runs in ODI cricket all at once, some may manage to exceed him.In 16 deliveries, the South African batsman scored 50 runs; in 31 balls, he reached a century; and in 64 balls, he scored 150 runs. It is important to remember that all three records were set in the same year, which means that whoever is trying to break them cannot possibly do it.
Less than 75 balls are needed to accomplish most centuries.
In cricket, getting runs is difficult, especially when you’re up against strong pacers and tweakers. The difficulty of scoring a run-a-ball increases significantly.

Keeping your strike rate and dot balls under control is not easy, but AB de Villiers has done it. In his career, he has won not once, not twice, but nine times. Though a few other cricketers have hit the century in fewer than 75 balls, no one has more than de Villiers.

In less than 75 deliveries, AB has as much as nine tonnes to his credit. Jos Buttler is second on the list, with seven under 75.

5000 One-Day International runs at the highest strike rate and average-

There are several names on the list of batsmen who have scored 5,000 runs in one-day international cricket. If we make the criterion a bit stricter, scoring over 5,000 runs with an average of 50+, the list decreases and the list of players is limited to one name when it comes to scoring 5000 runs in ODI with an average of over 50 and a strike rate of more than 100.

This achievement has been accomplished by AB de Villiers. People have attempted but failed to match AB’s flamboyance.

There are several people that have this same record but strike slightly under 100. There are a few players with 5,000 ODI runs who have a strike rate of over 100 and even more than 100, yet their average falls below 50.

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