Shardul Thakur Smashes Maiden First-Class Century in Ranji Trophy…..

Lord Shardul smashes first class century while handling Mumbai in Ranji Trophy semifinal. Along with this, he also won the condition of Sai Kishore’s bowling to hit six. Got to see amazing performances in the semifinal of Ranji Trophy. Shardul Thakur batting and scored his first class century in the semi-finals played between Mumbai and Tamil Nadu. Shardul put Mumbai team in strong position by 109 runs innings. R Sai Kishore took 6 wickets and shook the top order of Mumbai. Because of Shardul Thakur, Mumbai managed to return to the match.

Despite this, Mumbai team managed to take a lead of 207 runs in the first innings. Shardul Thakur scored 13 fours and 4 sixes in his innings and scored 109 runs on 104 balls. After the end of the second day’s game, a condition was revealed between Shardul Thakur and Tamil Nadu captain Sai Kishore. In this condition Shardul had promised to hit six on Sai Kishore’s ball and in Ranji match he finally did it. Shardul was seen talking to Sai Kishore for 5 minutes after the day’s game was over and said that he had won the bet. But Sai Kishore reminded them that this condition was for T-20 match. Shardul finally praised Sai and said it is very difficult to kill Sai in this format.

Shardul was playing 19 runs on 18 balls during the innings of Mumbai. In such a way, Shardul won this bet on the first ball of the 54th over of the match. Before this Shardul faced Sai for 3 overs but he could not score a six. They rocked while playing the fourth over though. Tell that Mumbai scored 353 runs on 9 wickets till the second day’s game ended. By this he went ahead by 207 runs compared to 146 runs of Tamil Nadu. He took a decisive lead in some way. Vijay Shankar scored 44 runs and Washington Sundar scored 43 runs in the first innings from Tamil Nadu. Shardul took 2, Mohit Awasthi took 1, Tushar Deshpande took 3, Mushir Khan took 2 wickets and Tanush Kotiyan took 2 wickets.

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